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Your Personal Health Data Tracking System1
Calorie and Macro Tracking Meal Planner calculates your nutritional needs and allows you to create custom plans for weight loss, bodybuilding, and more!

Customize Plans for Your Needs

Macro Plans:
Weight Loss
Build Mass
Diet Options:
Type I Diabetes Preferred (T1DP)
Meal Recipe Cards
Save Favorite Recipes

Multiple Calculators:
Body Fat
Suggested Meal Bolus2,3
Recommended Pre-Workout Meals
Based on your weight and chosen activity to help balance blood sugar and prevent Hypoglycemia during exercise3
Additional BONUS Features
Generate Recipes Based on Ingredients On-Hand
Lock/Unlock Meals for Easy Meal Prep Routines
Swap Meal Recommendations at the Touch of a Button
5 FREE Exercise Pre-Sets
Plan & Prep

Meal Planner
Plan up to 5 weeks of meals ahead of time for easy macro tracking

Shopping List Generator
Once your meals are planned, generate a shopping list with the click of a button!

Exercise Scheduler
Plan out your fitness program and log your progress as you go.

Glucose Tracker
Track glucose levels before and after meals.
Log levels when fasting and for exercise.
Use the CGM and Infusion Site Chart to track site changes.

Print you meal & exercise plans, recipes, measurements, glucose, and much more!

Customize Recipes
Create new recipes or edit the recipes provided so that you have customized recipes that work for your lifestyle.
What Folks Are Saying:

"You are very educated and knowledgeable about diabetes, fitness, and nutritional effects on the body." - Brian M (T1D 20 years)

"I'm so scared to be without my voice of reason (Stephanie). I feel like you rock the low carb diet well af... I like to plan ahead... Thank you for bringing things to my attention. I haven't even thought that far out, let alone had anyone bring these ... thoughts to light for me." - Althen J. (T1D 6 years)

"I need a personal assistant. I'm starting to think you fit the requirements." - Wendy G. (Owner of OMG Meal Prep & Bodybuilding (Coach)

"I do have to say the pie chart helps a lot to see constantly and make good food decisions." - Tahira R.

"You are so efficient. I've lost 10 lbs and my decision making habits are improving" - Tahira R. (non-diabetic)

"I can't believe how easy and proficient you've been to work with!" - Michael N.

"You are so dedicated... You amaze me." - Charles W.

"I think you are doing a terrific job - you are a valuable asset to this team!" - Kelly F. (pre-diabetic)

"It means so much to me to have your help and support." - Monica (T1D 1 month)

1Always consider the serving size and differences between cooked and dried foods, nutrition lables, and your own knowledge when estimating carbohydrates. Use your judgement in consultation with your healthcare professional before taking any doses of insulin.
2Suggested Meal Bolus is based on Net Carbs & User entered settings for ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor), I:C (Insulin-to-Carb Ratio), and Current BloodGlucose.
3This calculator is a static calculator and does not take into account the rate of change your blood sugar may be experiencing or many other factors. The doses suggested may not match that of the bolus calculator on your pump. The suggestions provided by this calculator do not replace the advice of your doctor and should be used with care.
Click here to view Medical Disclaimer.
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